Jindra Volf – pianist and composer

Curriculum Vitae

(* 1969) – professional CV

He attended piano lessons at J. Ježek Conservatory in Prague (89-94) under Z. Páleniček and J. Růžička, and  studied composition at the same school under A. Bílý (98-03). He also studied jazz piano and jazz harmony under K. Růžička and M. Svoboda. His composition 'Springs' was performed by the string section of SOČR in Prague. Its chamber modificiation was played at the Festival Of Young Artists in Karlovy Vary.

He performs solo, but also in a number of mainly jazz companies, for example:


KRB - Karlovy Vary Repre Band – founded in 2007 and 'christened' by the former county representative J. Pavel. They perform at balls, banquets, representational events, festivals and also at special events such as concerts with the Symphony Orchestra where the original pieces are played and conducted by Milan Svoboda, Kryštof Marek and Jindřich Volf. He has also performed with KRB at the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival in Chicago in February 2012, where he won an award for an outstanding performance. (www.opsforte.eu/krb)

KSO - he has worked with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra (www.kso.cz) as a guest several projects as an accompanying musician, but also as a soloist in for example: the Rock Mass by Dan Kyzlink and John de Jong (www.therockmass.com) (youtube.com/watch?v=DHbzZxaBDpg), the symphony jazz projects of Kryštof Marek and Milan Svoboda, a concert programme of Beatles pieces, adjusted by Milan Svoboda (http://youtu.be/qIjQ-2ATmwc, http://youtu.be/Ocl8-u8o8us http://youtu.be/6gVbfm9EakY) for the solo piano and strings, the musical The Finian's rainbow and more.

Big Band MKD Sokolov – performs at balls and concerts and accompanies famous singers such as Jitka Zelenková, Láďa Kerndl, Olga Škrancová, Felix Slováček jr. and more. (www.bigbandmdksokolov.wbs.cz)

Gery Swinging Club – revival quintet a la Frank Sinatra working in Germany. (www.swingingclub.de)

Goodnews – a fusion trio playing mostly in jazz clubs and at festivals. They have also performed with the amazing jazz guitarist Lubos Andrst. (www.goodnews.cz)

World's Landscapes – a jazz trio working mostly in Mariánské Lázně 

Mira Dlouhy Quartet – a band playing mostly educational concerts for young people about the development of jazz, pop and film music. (www.miradlouhy.com)

Jazz Fiesta – a piano duo with his former student, František Nedvěd.

Simona Tomisc Trio – a company playing mostly in Germany. (simona-­singt.de)

Lady Sting & Police Tribute Band – perform in clubs and at festivals and they play Sting compositions with jazz adjustments.


He also performs as a solo pianist at all sorts of events. He is being recognised as an accompanist of  various competitions. He performed in a jazz quartet in Sweden with the famous Swedish jazz contrabass player and composer of film music, George Riedel. (wikipedia.org) He performed at a Christmas project with the Symphony Orchestra of the State Opera in Prague, where he accompanied a number of excellent soloists in the field of classical, jazz and popular music, for example Pavel Šporcl, Jana Sibera, Juraj Nociar, Sisa Sklovská, Leona Machálková, Petr Kolář, Petr Kotvald.

He has travelled all over the Czech Republic and performed in the USA and Italy together with the  Karlovy Vary Musical Theatre of Libor Balák and his rock opera Komenský,  and also with the scenic show Máj from Mácha. He composed the music for a short film by Robert Hanousek, The Fatal Change, that won an award  at a festival in Toronto in the category of short films. He initiated the performance and co­arranged the musical The Master Of Jazz, by his former student Milan Zítka. He is often used as a substitute and an accompanist and has met a number of outstanding musicians on the stage. He has been a teacher at ZUŠ Nejdek since 1988 and has also been teaching  at ZŠ and ZUŠ in Karlovy Vary since 2003. He mainly teaches an interpratation of jazz and popular music at both schools. Many of his students are now professional musicians.

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